Baby Pooh and Tigger Cake

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Kids Birthday Cakes

Baby Pooh and Tigger Cake

  • $248.00

Any name, numbers and hbd toppers are not included in price. Please purchase them under cake accessories separately.


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Cake Storage

Customized Cake Storage

  • Please store cakes in fridge and remove 30 mins prior to cake cutting. 
  • If left out of fridge, it can last up to 2-3 hours in an air conditioned room depending on temperature.
  • For outdoor celebrations, best to consume cake within one hour of collection as cream is delicate and may melt due to the hot weather.
  • For heavily decorated cakes, please consume cake within an hour and prevent from leaving cake in hot weather or room temp for prolonged periods as cream may soften and decor may shift out of place.

Things To Note

  • All fondant figurines may contain toothpicks or metal wire for stability. Please supervise before passing on to young ones.
  • For darker coloured designs, buttercream will stain mouth due to the food colouring used to achieve result. We recommend scrapping the exterior cream off to prevent staining of mouth.
  • Changes may be made where deem fit by our bakers, to achieve a good looking cake.
  • Colours may not be exact as they are all hand mixed and may come out slightly different.
  • Fresh flowers decor may differ due to season and availability. But we will try our best to match the floras and colours as close as possible.
  • Some sprinkles may be bigger and therefore hard. Be careful when serving to young kids and seniors. We recommend removing them or scraping off exterior cream.
  • Our bakes are handmade - do expect slight variation to the actual product delivered. Variation may especially occur when cake in sample image provided is of a different size or tier.