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J Petite Patisserie: Our Story

Jul 01, 2021

J Petite Patisserie started with a love for cakes and the joy they represent. For us, baking was a way to create wonderful memories. Not just with cakes that look and taste good, but by creating unique and customised creations to help our family, friends (and now, customers) remember the happiest moments of their lives.

As cake lovers, we’ve always recognised how many Singaporeans treat cakes something for special occasions. We’re a careful bunch, and many of us don’t just want our cakes to be tasty, we want them to be made with high-quality ingredients, and we want to feel guilt-free while eating them as well! So while cakes are a wonderful treat for celebrations and other happy occasions, we thought: wouldn’t it be great to have them as an occasional treat as well?

That’s why we set out to create soft, light cream cakes that have been meticulously tested to be lower in sugar and oh-so fluffy! Every cake uses all natural ingredients with no preservatives, so people of all ages, young and old can enjoy our creations. And to ensure freshness and quality, we bake only in small batches — with love, exactly how we’d bake for family and friends.

And so we hope to share the joy (and calories) of our favourite cake lovers to all Singaporeans! Visit for all our bakes, and we look forward to sending you a cake for your next happy occasion!