Earl Grey Milk Pudding Cake

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Earl Grey Milk Pudding Cake

  • $58.00

Fluffy earl grey sponge, paired with a ligth earl grey cream and our signature creamy earl grey flavoured milk pudding. Each bite is an explosion of earl grey goodness! This cake is defintely fit for the earl grey tea connoiseur. 

*Cake contains gelatin.


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Cake Storage

Standard Cake Storage

  • Please store cakes in fridge at all times before cake cutting.
  • Cakes can be kept for up to 3 days in an air tight container. Best consumed on day of purchase.
  • If left out of fridge, it can last up to 1 hour in an air conditioned room.
  • For outdoor celebrations, best to consume cake immediately as cream is delicate and may melt due to the hot weather.

Cake Storage

Sizes Available

  • 6 inch: 6-10 pax / 1kg
  • 8 inch: 10-18 pax / 1.5kg
  • 10 inch: 20-30 pax / 2.5kg

* Cake sizes are all based on cake diameter.

* Weight is just a rough guide as different flavours may vary.

* Standard cakes are not customisable.