Ordering Guide

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Ordering Guide

Tips to Know Before Ordering

  • Cake size and recommended servings are approximations only.

  • For darker coloured designs, buttercream will stain mouth due to the food colouring used to achieve result. We recommend scrapping the exterior cream off to prevent staining of mouth.

  • Cake design will not be 100% exact to image as all cakes are handmade.

  • Changes may be made where deem fit by our bakers, to achieve a good looking cake.

  • Fondant figurines are all hand made with love, and therefore there is no 2 exact same pieces. We try our best.

  • Colours may not be exact as they are all hand mixed and may come out slightly different.

  • Fresh flowers decor may differ due to season and availability. But we will try our best to match the floras and colours as close as possible.

  • Some sprinkles may be bigger and therefore hard. Be careful when serving to young kids and seniors. We recommend removing them or scraping off exterior cream.


Money Cake Guide

  • All notes used in cakes are real SGD.

  • Foreign currency can be used but have to be sent to our studio 1 week in advance for us to prep.

  • * important* Smallest cake size for money cake is size 6 inch. (This is due to having to fit the mechanism for the money pulling effect)

  • Maximum number of notes - 40pc. We recommend having at least 20pc.

  • Notes available- $2, $5, $10, $50, $100

  • Mechanism is wrapped and hidden in cake layers and have to be removed before consumption.

  • Toppings on cake are used to cover slot where the money will come out from, hence designs may have certain changes to fit this requirement.

The Cake Storage Guide

  • Cakes are advised to be stored in an air conditioned room, it can last 2-3 hours.

  • For room temp conditions, cake should be consumed immediately or it can last up to 1 hour.

  • Cakes should not be left out in the hot sun, as the cream will melt.

  • If stored in fridge, remove cake from fridge 20-30 mins prior to cake cutting.

  • Cake to be consumed within 3 days, best eaten on day of collection/delivery.

  • For cakes that are heavily decorated with fondant toppers are advised to be eaten within an hour.

Things To Know Before Serving Cakes

  • For cakes with fondant figurine/decor, fondant figurines/decor are to be removed before serving.

  • Fondant figurines May contain tooth picks for support. Please beware when passing it to little ones.

  • Fresh flowers are to be removed before serving.

  • For tiered cakes, there are plastic straws in between bottom

  • tier cakes for support. Please remove them before serving.