Free delivery for orders of $150 and above


Order Enquiries

What is the lead time required to order?

 - We recommend that all orders are to be made at least 1-2 weeks in advance. If you need a cake urgently, drop us a WhatsApp or call us at 93678308 to enquire on availability.


How do I place an order?
 - You may place an order via:
 1. Email us at
 2. WhatsApp us at 93678308
 3. Via the website if you find the design you like


How do I know if my order is confirmed?

For whatsapp/email orders

- Upon finalising your cake details, you will be required to fill a form with your basic details that will be sent to you if order is done via email or whatsApp, payment will be advised thereafter. Payment is to be made within stated time frame, or the order may be cancelled without further notice. Once payment has been received, you will receive a statement from us regarding your delivery or collection details. That is when your order is considered to be confirmed.

For website order

- Upon payment received the order will be processed. 


Can I proceed to go down to your shop to make an order and pay cash upon placing an order?
 - Unfortunately, we do not do consultations at the shop as our shop is just a small studio kitchen for our baking production. Hence please do not hesitate to drop us a text instead.


I need a cake urgently! Do you sell cakes off the shelf?

 - Unfortunately, our cakes are by a made to order basis hence we only accept preorders and do not sell them off the shelf. However, please do not hesitate to give us a call or WhatsApp at 93678308 to see if we can help you in any ways possible.


I saw a design I like on the internet, but don't see it on J Petite, can I still order the design I want?
 - Please drop us an email to or WhatsApp us at 93678308 to enquire if the design is doable.
 - Please note to attach image of wanted cake design.
 *Disclaimer- we may not be able to do an exact copy of the design as every baker has their own style!
I have made an order and will like to add on items, can I do so at a later date?

 - Yes you may, however please do take note it will be based on availability.


Cake enquiries

Is your bakery halal certified?

 - We regret to inform you that we are not halal certified, and we handle with pork based gelatine or alcohol in our kitchen. 


Allergy cautions

 - Our kitchen handles, nuts, eggs and milk in certain products. If you have a serious case of allergy, we will recommend that you do not proceed with the order as they may contain traces of them.


How do I store my cakes upon collection?
 - Please store all fresh cream cakes in the refrigerator upon collection if the event is a few hours away from time of collection. Due to the nature of the cakes (fresh cream), they may melt if left in room temp for extended periods.
 - Cakes are to be left out at aircon room for up to 1 hour max, so please arrange your cake collection/delivery accordingly.
 - We do not provide ice packs.
 - Make space in your fridge before collection so as to store the cake, or collect right before event.
 - Please handle all cakes with care.


Can I collect the cake 1 day in advance? As I need it early in the morning for celebration!
 - Yes you may do so, please remember to store all fresh cream cakes in the fridge.
 - Please take note that for cakes with flowers/macarons, flowers may dry out slightly and macarons may turn soft over night in the fridge. We strongly recommend for you to collect the cakes on day of event if possible.


How long can we keep the cakes?
 - Left over cakes can be kept for up to 2 days from collection.
 - We recommend for cakes to be consumed on day of collection for optimal freshness.


Will the flavour I choose, affect the look of the cake?
 - For cake designs that are semi naked (with cake showing slightly), the flavour chosen may affect the overall look. 
 - For fully covered cakes, the flavour will not affect the overall look.


I want a particular colour for my flesh floral/edible flowers, is that possible?

 - For all fresh florals and edible flowers, it will be based on our florists availability. please note that slight variations may occur due to seasonal availability. We hope to seek understanding.


I want to change designs, is that possible?
 - For changes in design, Please do so 1 week in advance from collection date.
 - Approval of changes in design will be by case by case basis according to difficulty and availability.


Collections & Delivery enquiries

Where do we self collect?
 - Self collections will be from our shop from Mondays to Sundays 11am-6pm.
 - Please reach within agreed timing, or call to inform of any changes.
 - Please note that if you're early or late, and we are not informed, we may not be in the shop at certain timings so please call or text to inform us before making your way down.


Delivery services

​ - All delivery services are available at an additional charge of $20.
 - As our delivery is handled by a 3rd party company, any damage occured during the delivery will not be held liable by us.
 - For all deliveries, the delivery man will contact you personally upon reaching the delivery location. 
 - Please ensure, the contact given is contactable and a person is available at scene to accept the delivery.
 - The delivery man will wait for up to 10 mins. If you are uncontactable during that time frame, the cake will be brought back to our bakery. 
 - Additional charges apply for requests to redeliver.


Cancellation of orders 

 - All cancellation of orders will not be refunded.
 - In the case where there is a need to cancel the order, we will issue you credits for future purchases, cash refund is not applicable.
 - Orders that are cancelled 3 days away from collection or delivery will not be refunded or credited.